That’s me. Completely drained physically and emotionally. There’s nothing left. 

In the past several days I’ve…

had my weekly spiritual slapping at Mosaic;

worried about my daughter;

had fun with my daughter;

lost my voice due to a cold and the fact that half the city has been on fire, plus trying to talk to groups of children who never shut up;

worked with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met;

worked with some of the LEAST talented people I’ve ever met, who are delusional enough to think they’re the MOST talented people I’ve ever met;

made progress in an extremely difficult situation;

lost progress in that same extremely difficult situation;

thought I had all the bases covered in a hard project (which I’m not that excited about) and then discovered there are many more bases to cover in this same hard project which I’m not that excited about.

But – a little extra sleep tonight, and some days off next week won’t hurt.


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  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    My brotha! Sounds like it’s two steps forward, one step back…but still always one step ahead! I hope that when you’re getting Mosaic-slapped, that you’re getting hugs, too, and “feelin’ the love!” Such a weird time… I pray you feel God’s presence at every turn. A little sleep, a few days off, a little turkey…you’l be saying, ‘I’s all good in the hood!” sooner than you think! I loves ya~ XO

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