Two Weeks to Finish Counting

Apparently, the State of Misouri has completed their ballot count for the November 4 election. Finally. After two weeks. The winner of Misouri, by the way, was McCain.


Seriously, I don’t get all the trouble some states have with finishing the ballot count thing. It’s not hard, people. Twenty-plus years ago, I worked for a bank. On a regular basis, a truck used to bring a couple hundred thousand dollars to the bank, and TWO PEOPLE would go into the vault together and count it. It took them about an hour, sometimes less.

Now I realize that a whole state probably has more than a couple hundred thousand ballots. OK, then use more than two people, and give them more than an hour. Still, I would think a team of say 10 people could finish the counting in a few hours. Just separate the ballots out into piles of a thousand or so, and get it done.

This is my final election-related rant. Unless I think of something else.


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