Health Insurance Sucks

Probably not as bad as NO health insurance. Probably. But definitely very close. We are talking about some serious suckage here.

I’ve gone through three health insurance company changes in the past few years. Each time I change companies, my premiums go up, my copayments go up, my prescription coverage goes down, and I end up getting some sort of flu/bronchitis/pneumonia thing that requires lots of drugs.

Yet, if you call or write to these companies to complain about their high costs and inferior service, they either ignore you, or they try to get you to see that if you look at it another way (as in, a delusional way), they’re actually saving you money.

I’m not one given to profanity (not that much anyway), but if I was such a person, I’d be saying things like %$%#%$# and %$#%$#%$#$%^$%^!@!@#!!, not to mention !!!%$#@@^&&&&####! (Sometimes, very small amounts of those things go through my mind when I go to Walgreens to give them all my money).

But I shouldn’t be harboring these thoughts. Instead I should try to be like Jesus. So I’m going to find out where HealthNet’s office is, and go in there and start turning over all their tables and smacking people with a whip like Jesus did in the Temple. That’ll show ’em.

Then, when I go to prison for assault and property damage, all my healthcare costs will be paid for by the State of California.


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3 Responses to Health Insurance Sucks

  1. T. Coleen says:

    Our company was just bought out and I have been going through the same thing the last 2 weeks- with one week to go for the 401K thrill ride. It’s overwhelming- I was afraid to hit the “confirm” button – assuming my autoimmune system would immediately shut down – and it would be considered a pre-existing condition – or cost me the 6 co-pays I set aside in our new ‘flex account’. I gave up on the health care provider’s co-pay for my RX – and head right for the $4 Target refills!

  2. michele says:

    If you need braces, I would say it is definitely the way to go. Wish I had thought of that.

  3. Miss Cindy :) says:

    I say “go Jesus” on ’em, my Brotha! You’ll get 3 squares a day, a cute orange jumpsuit (easy to accessorize) AND… healthcare! I promise to bake you a cake with a file in it! XO

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