Stop Asking Me to Play “Bennie & the Jets”

Tonight I had the kind of gig I rarely get – I played the piano, solo, for about three hours at a company party. The company is a huge corporation headquartered here in the South Bay, and a friend of a friend heard me play at another thing a few years ago, and has kept in touch with me and recommended me to play at one of the company Christmas parties. That was pretty cool of him, and it looks like I’ll get to do this event again in the future. Whoo hoo.

It was a gathering of about 50 people at one of the executives’ homes. A nice house, a nice piano, and fun people. And although I play the piano a lot in combination with other musicians, and teach it a lot, and do all kinds of music for a living, it’s not common for me to get a marathon SOLO piano gig like this one. It was a bit of work, but a cool way to spend a Saturday night.

But just a word to this one guy…

Stop asking me to play “Bennie & the Jets.” There are several reasons I’m asking this:

1.  It was a Christmas party, and “Bennie & the Jets” isn’t a Christmas song. I don’t think anyone is exactly sure what the song is about, but everyone pretty much agrees it isn’t a Christmas song.

2.  I’m pretty sure your bizzarre song request (which occurred 2-3 times) had something to do with how much you were drinking. Maybe a reason to cut back. I’m just saying.

3.  Between a long rehearsal this afternoon, and the party tonight, I played the piano for about 7 hours today. While I’m not exactly ready for a condo in Florida yet, I’m definitely not a young guy anymore, and not even Elton John is willing to bang out “Bennie & the Jets” when his hands are tired.

4.  I said this before but once again… IT’S NOT A CHRISTMAS SONG!!!!!!!!

So if I come and do this event again next year, consider yourself warned. If you ask me to play B&TJ or any other song that isn’t right for the occasion, I’m going to get up from the piano and say loudly, “YOU play B&TJ!!!” Then everyone will talk about you for years at the office, and not in a good way.


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3 Responses to Stop Asking Me to Play “Bennie & the Jets”

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Maybe because of your prowess they actually thought you were Elton John! Next time, don’t wear a boa!! XO

  2. T. Coleen says:

    Oh, but they’re weird and they’re wonderful,
    Oh, Bennie, she’s really keen
    She’s got electric boots, a mohair suit
    You know I read it in a magazine. may be right about that.

  3. joannmski says:

    Maybe you can get a job at the Magic Castle as Irma the piano ghost who makes snarky remarks musically on the piano in response to peoples’ requests.

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