Initial Impressions of Facebook

I joined Facebook a week or two ago.

Actually, that’s wrong. I joined Facebook last July, but got too lazy/busy to fully get my site going. But then I got a burst of Facebook inspiration (I think I’m going to call it “Face-piration”) recently, and added a bunch of “friends,” and we’re off and running.

I’m using ” ” around “friends” because the whole online friend thing is kind of weird. If someone is actually a friend, as in someone I know and like and see once in a while, or used to see and don’t currently see but still like, or any other conventional normal “friend” definition, then I’m OK with adding them to my friend list. But I’m not going to become one of these people who adds “friends” willy nilly, just because someone they’ve sort of heard of through someone else they barely know contacts them and wants to be on the friend list.

Anyway, here are  a few things I already realize about Facebook (aka “FB”):

1.  I’m not going to play the little “throw virtual snowballs at people” game, or anything like that. Sorry.

2.  Some people have A LOT of pictures of themselves.

3.  I may want to stop my Blackberry from receiving Facebook notices. Because some of you FB friends are pretty crazy about updating every time you have a new thought, and that darn Blackberry is buzzing all day.

4.  Please understand – #3 above is not an indication that I don’t want to know about many of your thoughts; just that I don’t need to know all of your thoughts the moment they occur and then have them sent to my Blackberry, especially when I’m expecting other work-related messages or a text from my daughter, etc.  Because when I hear the Blackberry buzzing, I hurry and check it, thinking it’s a text from Courtney or an email about something I’ve ordered or about a job, and instead it’s one of you FB people telling me that you’ve had a new thought. I’d rather save up many of your FB thoughts and then read them once a day or so.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll continue the FB experiment/experience for a while and see what happens, and report on it again soon.


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4 Responses to Initial Impressions of Facebook

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    I hear ya!! I’m already feeling guilty because I have friends (self-confessed “virtual gift” addicts) who constantly send me those “virtual gifts” and I don’t do anything with them. Which makes me feel doubly guilty because so many of them…”Won’t you accept this virtual tapeworm gift to help feed a starving child in Africa?” Oh dear, oh dear! As for the pics…I barely got my headshot on it, and actually, I’d rather use Miss Erin’s!! heehee XO

  2. charley says:

    Yes, Miss Erin’s pictures are very nice. Hey, maybe I’ll use some of them too!

  3. Miss Cindy :) says:

    But just be warned: you might get people asking you to play “Bennie and the Jets!” 😉 XO

  4. joannmski says:

    Hey, I like the Christmas decorating you did here on the blog.

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