Good Stuff in the Blog World Lately

It’s good not to have to be original ALL the time, so today I want to refer you to a couple of good things I’ve read lately.

First a little background. Yesterday I performed at 112th Street School in Los Angeles, a SECULAR Public school, where the faculty all had the cajones to keep saying “Merry Christmas” rather freely. What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they know about the whole PC thing?

Which brings me to Kimmy’s blog. One of the best new blogs I’ve seen out there.

Also, check out today’s entry at joann’s blog adventure.


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1 Response to Good Stuff in the Blog World Lately

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    It’s the same thing with Compton High!! You can say, “Praise the Lord” and “God Bless you” and even pray (!!) at some of the faculty meetings!! You can talk about God, His Word and His values without fear of getting terse, uptight phone calls from “open-minded” parents!! 🙂 TUSD’s middle name is PC (so sad!!) Thanks for the sweet plug for Kimmy’s blog!! Will make sure she knows you did that, my Brotha!! Joann’s entry was so cool, too!! See you very soon (I hope, I hope!!) And something tells me it will be… “A silent night…a holy night.” XO

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