Why Don’t Catholics Have Carpet?

This morning I rehearsed with students from St. James Catholic School in Redondo Beach, and the rehearsal was held in St. James Catholic Church.

Before the rehearsal began around 8:45 or so, there was a mass held in the church. The mass ending time varies by a few minutes, so the kids were all in there, waiting for it to end, so they could start their thing. I carefully planned my arrival to try to coincide with the ending of the mass, so I could come in and set up my stuff to get ready to play for the rehearsal. But I was a few minutes early.

Oh yeah, I should mention it was raining and the floors were a little wet.  Oh, and this building is BIG, and I needed to carefully walk up the side aisle all the way to the front.  And it’s kind of echo-y in there, because it’s a well-known fact that Catholics like echo-y places. And this is what brings me to my carpeting issue.

So just a word to all my Catholic peepsyou know, a little carpeting in your churches wouldn’t exactly kill you. And it just might keep you from being distracted by the squeaky shoes from any non-Catholic piano players who may be trying to sneak  into your buildings on rainy days. I’m just saying – it’s something to think about.


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4 Responses to Why Don’t Catholics Have Carpet?

  1. Kelly Brighton says:


    Squeaky shoes, indeed!!

  2. joannmski says:

    Oh, I know why. It’s the same reason why we have little burn holes in our carpet. The charcoal from the incense falls out and burns up the carpet.

    That, and they like it all echo-y.

  3. T. Coleen says:

    It may be a God thing and not a Catholic thing – kind of an “I SEE you Mr. Miller – and just to let you know I do – I’ll add a little audio.” Alto if it WAS a God thing- bells would be nice – unless of course God is a basketball fan.

  4. Mike M says:

    Man, you crack me up, words are so well placed. this blog certainly could be a book

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