Goin’ to Moze

That’s what I call my church – Moze. The real name is Mosaic, but who doesn’t like a nickname. So it’s Moze. 

I need to leave in a minute, get on the freeway, and drive downtown to get there. All this after a tiring couple of weeks, capped off by a busy day today. But I really need to go.

This morning I actually went to another church, one of the supposedly hipper, cooler churches in our area. A bunch of people left other churches in the past few years to go to this place. I went there because I needed to meet with a guy I know, and the easiest way was to catch him at his church. So I went to one of the three morning services, and was bored out of my mind.

So it’s off to Moze. Not because the music is better (although it usually is). Not because they do cool art (although they usually do). It’s because they expect to change the world, and expect their people to participate in that by doing things that matter with their lives.

And it seems more Jesus-like to do something that matters with my life, rather than sit in a church where I can predict everything that’s going to happen before it happens.

Gotta get on the freeway now.


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