You Wouldn’t Think You’d Have to Put Up With Complaining Once You’re Dead, But…

…apparently those people can still find you.   

I still get emails anytime anyone sees Mabel’s Dog Blog and writes a comment. There’s one post that seems to attract the attention of a bunch of wackos, and they insist on commenting on it. I finally had to go back into the control panel of the blog (after first trying to remember the password and relearn how to use Blogger), and block comments. I also took the liberty of writing an addendum to that particular blog post, telling those people to knock it off.

Mabel has been gone for over three years. She was a cute, friendly, sometimes smart, often smelly, sweet dog. It was fun writing her blog, and since I was the only person who could read her mind, no one else could have done it. But if you happen to stumble across her blog, just read it and have fun. Please don’t post rude comments or try to argue with a dead dog – that really makes you look stupid.


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2 Responses to You Wouldn’t Think You’d Have to Put Up With Complaining Once You’re Dead, But…

  1. Cindy Shields says:

    Dear Charley, Please give me names and addresses of those who were “messing with my woman.”
    Thank you~
    Goofy Shields
    P.S. She was the cutest, sweetest girl I ever knew (even if she did occasionally smell.)

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Now that I’m more awake, I just read Mabel’s blog. Wow! Love your addendum! And I’m sure that deep, deep down you’re so grateful for being “educated” by those “thoughtful” responses! WOOF! XO

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