OK, Just One Gross Post

Although I kind of rebuked another blog for resorting to bodily function humor a few weeks ago, and vowed I would never do that, I’m breaking that vow.

I’m breaking the vow, because it seems that today I was breaking the wind.

It’s not my fault entirely – I’m not the one who arranged to have a McDonald’s built right next door to one of my schools. And I’m not the one who arranged for me to have a fairly short lunch time, which makes it very inviting to just run next door. And I’m not the one who made those Big Macs so stinkin’ good (literally).

But it is sort of my fault, because I know what happens to me when I eat those Bic Macs, and my gastrointestinal system truly lived up to expectation today.

I managed to hold it in, put it off, and whatever else we can say about avoiding farting in an enclosed classroom of children. But when they left, while I was getting things ready for the next class, things weren’t so good in my tightly enclosed room.

Which caused my 4th graders to make horrible faces and hold their noses when they came in. Sure, I could have taken the credit (or blame), but I didn’t. Are you kidding? I did what any good teacher would do…

I blamed the previous class.


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5 Responses to OK, Just One Gross Post

  1. joannmski says:

    Oh, I bet you felt so much better after the wind blew.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Well, McDonald’s old theme song said, “You deserve a break today…” Who knew it meant “break wind”?? So worth it!!!! I can just see the kiddie’s faces running nosefirst into your McFlurry!! Maybe McBeano’s should be added to the menu!! Keep whistling at both ends, my Brotha!! heehee XOXO

  3. jean Castaldo says:

    Hey, try their salads…they are pretty decent!

  4. Becky Lira says:

    LOL… that is to funny!!! Am I the only female adult who thinks bodily functions are hilarious???

  5. charleysblog says:

    Oh no, I know a lot of other female adults who think it’s funny. Every commenter so far has been female!

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