The Big Family Thing

Am I the only one who’s noticing the newest reality TV fad – crazy large families?

I was already familiar with John & Kate (I hate that show) and 17 Kids & Counting (not as obnoxious as John & Kate, but bizzarre nonetheless). But tonight I stumbled upon this new Table For Twelve thing. Which I believe is not actually about a table at all, but about yet another family.

I’m not as well versed on Table For Twelve, but at first glance, it seems like there’s this married couple, kind of redneck, with 10 kids who scream a lot. And I still think there’s a table involved somewhere. They aren’t as OCD as John & Kate (well, Kate anyway) and certainly not as Christian-Homeschool-Smiley-Matching-Clothing-Stepford-Wife-ish as 17 Kids & Counting.

I don’t mind telling you – and so I will – that I was a little bummed for a while that I don’t have a massive amount of children and am therefore not currently eligible to get my own lucrative TV show. And I’m certainly not willing to start working on a big family now just to get a TV show out of it. Since the Duggar family already has 18 kids – and she’s probably going to have at least that many more – I’ll never be able to catch up. By the time I get even half that many kids, this little fad will be over and then I’ll be stuck with all these kids and no network to help pay for them.

So I’m waiting for the next wave of reality TV to come along – it’s not here yet of course, but I’ll be first in line to get a show about a separated guy with a nearly grown daughter who lives alone and teaches school and does other music stuff and eats Pop-Tarts and enjoys coffee and writes a blog and prefers Yamaha keyboards and Roland amps and shops at the Gap and Eddie Bauer and spends a little too much money at Starbucks and often has trouble putting a filter on his sardonic observations.

I’m grabbing that one first.


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3 Responses to The Big Family Thing

  1. T. Coleen says:

    ……and blogs to spiders………’ll need a ‘hook’ – that might be it!

  2. Jeff Payne says:

    Did I say Max Lucado? Let’s make that Dave Barry, or Erma Bombeck. Yes I just compared you with a dead woman.

  3. charleysblog says:

    Dave Barry is dead??? Even worse… Dave Barry was a woman????

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