Couldn’t Get to 90210 This Morning

This morning’s plan:

Get up, get ready, pick up the Lovely Miss Courtney at 9:45, go to breakfast at Good Stuff in Hermosa Beach, get to Mosaic in Beverly Hills (aka 90210) at 11:30, and come back.

The actual way this morning unfolded:

Get up a little late, and take too long to get ready;

Get in the car and realize I need gas, and decide to get it later;

Get behind every slow driver in the 12 miles between my temp house and my real house where Courtney is;

Experience every traffic light turning red the moment I approached it;

Get to the house and find out that a friend stayed over with Courtney and the friend needed a ride home;

Take the friend home which was the opposite direction of  Hermosa Beach;

Head toward Hermosa Beach and again get behind every slow driver and experience every red light;

Wait at Good Stuff;

Eat and hang out and have fun;

Find out Courtney needs to go the store before church, because she’s dealing with a cough and the Mosaic people will probably throw her out for coughing too much, so she needs appropriate drugs;

Deal with the weird drivers and red lights again;

Discover that it’s already time for church to start (11:30), and with my math skills, work out that we’ll miss all of it by the time we get to the store, get gas, and take the freeway all the way to Beverly Hills, where everyone drives slow on Sundays and they have more traffic lights.

So now on to Plan B – nap time and school prep this afternoon, and off to the 6pm Downtown Mosaic thing tonight. Usually the 6pm  Downtown thing is better than the 11:30 BH thing, but the bummer is Courtney has to work and can’t go with me.


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