There Are AT LEAST Six Things I Hate

Rose, a Facebook friend, has posted the Proverbs 6:16-19 passage which gives us a helpful list of the seven things the Lord hates. It’s kind of funny, because first it says “There are six things the Lord hates…” and then it’s like, “Well, actually seven. There are really seven things.”

And these things the Lord hates are all good things – I mean, bad things. I mean, they’re all things that anyone who reads the list would think, “Yeah, I hate that, too.”

But as I just wrote to Rose a few minutes ago, the Lord is so much better about the hate thing than I am, because he not only knows what’s really worth hating vs. what’s just petty, but he also manages to keep his hate list down to six or maybe seven things.  Plus, he has an actual hate list, which is pretty organized.

I on the other hand, hate a lot more than six or maybe seven things. And a lot of the things I hate are probably not really worthy of actual hate, but are more in the category of annoying. Yet, I’m a little unbalanced with the word “hate,” and so I often say, at least to myself, that I hate certain things. If there were a verse in the Bible about the things I hate, it would be something like this:

“There are more things Charley hates than we can list here, without taking up too much space and leaking into the next book of the Bible. So here are just six or seven examples:”

Starbucks Pike Place Blend

Office Depot

Korean-made Pianos

Spiders With an Attitude That Hang out in the Bathroom

The Various Lawyers Representing Apple Records, Apple (the computer people), EMI Records and the Two Surviving Beatles for Not Working Out Their Stuff and Making Beatles Music Available on I-Tunes

Country Music

Jon & Kate Plus Eight

So now that I’ve actually taken the time to write this stuff down, I can see that maybe I need to just become the kind of person who loves what God loves, and hates what God hates, and lighten up on the rest of the stuff. Except for the country music.


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2 Responses to There Are AT LEAST Six Things I Hate

  1. jean Castaldo says:

    Why Jon & Kate?

  2. Sharon Stowe says:

    I was looking your list over and I started thinking of all the things I hate and I started to get irritated just thinking about them. I agreed with your list, most anyway, and they made me think of several more. I can really get right back in the moment when things first started to make me angry (that is sort of like hate, only maybe not so intense). Anyway, I thought if I sit and think too much on this I will get really T..ed off so I thought, how about thinking of 6 or 7 things I love. so here goes and I’ll see if I feel better.

    1. I love coffee first thing in the morning. Even if I am not looking forward to the day, a cup of coffee helps.
    2. I love when the temperature is around 70 with just a hint of a breeze.
    3. I love when an oldie favorite comes on the radio, I’m driving by the beach it’s 70 degrees with a breeze And an oldie favorite comes on the radio.
    4 I love sitting with a good friend in a restaurant laughing about nothing.
    5. I love it when I can share something that is on my mind with a friend and she really gets it and we can laugh until we cry.
    6. I love it when I say just the right thing that helps someone else.
    7. I love it when one of my kids shares a good memory they have of their childhood and if I had something to do with that good memory it is icing on the cake.

    I do feel better!
    I hope this isn’t too long a response. I don’t know blog from dog.


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