More Thankful

Too busy to be creative on the blog lately, but I thought it would be good to put down more “thankful” stuff.

This is all about being intentionally thankful. I have so many things to be stressed and frustrated about. But those things will just have to work out in time. In the meantime, God is good in so many ways:

Again, the coolest daughter in the world. I know many of you have cool children as well – not as cool as mine, of course. But you know how I feel.

The chance to work with a lot of creative people. I think I mentioned that before. But I’m still working with them, and I’m still thankful.

And being specific about the creative people, I gotta say those people at Starlight Productions are freakin’ amazing. The next two weeks, we may all die from Footloose, but that organization is truly one of God’s gifts to the South Bay, and to me personally.

Trader Joe’s Coffee.

Three (or so) more days of school.


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