Rollercoaster Day

In one day…

Miscommunicated with the Lovely Miss Courtney and missed our morning church thing.  She then adjusted her work hours so we could go tonight. Which, in my opinion, is always better than the morning.

Found out an aquaintance I respect and admire had an affair with his assistant and had to resign from his ministry position. Very sad for him, and very mad at him. Hoping for God’s healing ultimately.

Tedious, long practice with the “Footloose” band. But a few moments of good stuff. Lost one of the guitar players. We’ll be OK.

Serious financial crunch time. But, thankful for those $1 Chicken Sandwiches at Jack in the Box.

Thankful for a lot of other things, too.


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I offer piano tuning, repair and maintenance in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
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