Other Stuff That Happened

While the world has been obsessed with Michael Jackson the past several days, other things have also happened. In an effort to keep my readers informed, here are some of them:

1.  Al Franken, former writer and performer on SNL, was elected to the U.S. Senate for the State of Minnesota. The vote originally took place last November, and it was close enough to require a recount. For some reason known only to Minnesota people, it has taken nearly eight months to recount those ballots. At any rate, the Senate should be a lot funnier soon.

2.  The governor of South Carolina has officially been declared the Dumbest Person in the World. So far –

he’s admitted to the affair with the woman from Argentina (his soul mate),

he’s admitted to having other affairs (with women who apparently weren’t his soul mates but just a heck of a lot of fun to be with),

he’s proven himself to not only be the Dumbest Person in the World but also the Difficult to Understand Public Speaker in the World,

and he says he wants to work on falling love with his wife again. No word yet on whether his wife wants to work on falling in love with him. Or whether she is, in fact, another soul mate. More on this as it develops.

3.  California is, once again, without a budget and totally broke. However, in a bold new creative plan, there’s talk of raising taxes. So I’m sure everything will be fine.

4.  Farrah Fawcett was buried today.  Apparently, she also died last Thursday, which would mean that something actually happened last Thursday that didn’t directly involve Michael Jackson. Who knew? And why was Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, making a speech at Farrah’s funeral? (ha – just kidding).

5.  Oppression continues in Iran, extreme poverty continues in Haiti, and various forms of slavery continue throughout the world. We might want to shift focus to that stuff at some point.

6.  I got new tires today.


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2 Responses to Other Stuff That Happened

  1. Teresa Brown says:

    Yes, there were many things that have happened this week. We are also looking to the Senate to vote down Cap and Tax aka Cap and Trade. Please write your Senators Boxer and Finestein and let them know that we don’t want it. We also can look forward to the federal government deciding what medical treatment we can and can not have. I am so glad that our elected officials think they are soooo much smarter about us than we are. Finally, Al Franken in the Senate. I hope he can bring a little humor to the upper house, but I also he brings his brain and his glasses. I want someone to read the bills they are voting on in the Senate. Maybe he can lead the way.

  2. Leon Olguin says:

    I’ve been meaning to get new tires myself… for my car that is, not for me.

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