The Whacky Governors’ Club

Move over, whacky South Carolina Governor Guy. Make room for a new member of the Whacky Governors’ Club, everyone’s favorite, loveable, soundbite/cliche-speaking, moose-hunting Tina Fey lookalike, Sarah Palin.

Sarah’s sudden resignation from her post as Alaska’s governor has raised many questions, possibly the most suprising of which is – “Will this hurt her chances for the presidency in 2012?”

To which I respond with another question – “Did she actually have chances for the presidency in 2012?”

The same question was asked about the South Carolina guy as well over the past few weeks. Which indicates that before his little vacation, he was considered a possible candidate as well.

So if I can just make a suggestion to the Republican National Committee (and I offer this as a person who is normally a conservative but who finds myself frequently asking “what are these guys thinking” lately)

If you’re going to present Republican governors as possible candidates, please think about finding some people who aren’t crazy. Just wanted to throw that out there.


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