Old Hands

Today was another one of those little reminders life gives you when you’re somewhere between 49 and 51 years of age.

For about a year, I’ve been having a little pain in my hands, and it’s been pretty consistent for the past few months. Being a guy whose work involves playing the piano a lot, this can be a little disconcerting. Which is something I don’t like; whenever I can, I try to stay involved with concerting things, not disconcerting things.

So my Dr. today took a few tests, asked a lot of questions, and is thinking I may have arthritis. And then I’m pretty sure she said in her mind but not out loud, “Because you’re old.” 

Well, since some of the best musicians I know have this affliction, and manage to deal with it just fine, I’m not too worried about it. I’ve started taking some stuff to help with the pain.

But I just have one question for the makers of Glucosamine with Condroitin – Since your stuff is for people with pain, possibly in their hands, shouldn’t your containers be a little easier to open?

Just asking.

**Note – I’m waiting for someone to ask me if I’m available or able to play this or that project, and then I’m going to say, “What, are you kidding? I’m an OLD HAND at that!” Ha ha


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4 Responses to Old Hands

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    OY! Your hands…my knees! You want a tear jerker, let me tell you something… I say, let’s just move to Florida NOW!! Hang in there my Brutha!! And just let me know if you ever need a … HAND!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Hope you can get those darn bottles open so you can start feeling better ASAP!!! XO

  2. Gloria says:

    Yes, you have a lot of “Old” friends who understand what you are experiencing and could add relentlessly to the stories of arthritis pain….but why? I’m told movement and activity are the best things for what ails us…..So play on “ole” maestros. (And, add MSM to the supplement regime.)

  3. Sharon says:

    Susan Bradshaw MacLyman thinks you are the funniest, nicest, smartest person. Okay, maybe not the best person alive, but up there on the list, close to the top. I’ve been reading some of your stuff.
    Can’t relate to the musician stuff (I’m not a musician) Though I love music (anything but Country or Rap). But this topic (pain)caught my eye. You see, I’m 55. I can’t believe I am writing that. It sounds SO OLD. 55.It doesn’t seem possible. But in fact, it must be because I can now offically order from the Senior menu at CoCos and Dennis.
    But my point is that when I turned 50 (you child, you) I started having pain in my joints. My wrists, my ankles, my shoulders. It really threw me so I went to the doctor. She ran a couple of tests, told me the good news. It wasn’t anything serious, probably JUST arthritis.And not the big scary kind that turns you into a pretzel. I had pain for a few months before I went to the doctor and then the weird thing was that it just went away.
    So maybe, yours will just go away too. It could happen.
    Hey, the bad part is, you have to wait 5 years to order from the Senior menu at Cocos.


  4. charleysblog says:

    Hi Sharon, I always appreciate it when you comment. How long have you known Susan?

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