I read an article today in Premier Guitar magazine about the use of sustainable woods in guitars. It was a really interesting article, and I’ll let you read it on your own if you’re so inclined.

But the thing I found especially cool was a new source of spruce the Martin Guitar Company has found. There are companies that are grinding huge amounts of spruce into wood pulp, and that pulp is then being used in the manufacture of several other products – including diapers. Yes friends, many baby diapers are actually made from wood, which may explain much of that unexplainable crying that goes on.

So, Martin Guitars, desperately needing good quality spruce for their guitar tops, are rescuing some of  these trees before they’re turned into pulp. They have named this source of wood “diaperwood.” A spokesman from Martin said,

“You’re out in the woods and you’re looking at these mammoth trees, and they’re just beautiful and it took them hundreds of years to grow, right? And all you’re thinking is, wow, someone’s gonna turn this into a diaper? Isn’t there something more noble that can happen with this really cool tree?”

I certainly understand the guy’s point, especially since I’m in a search for THE guitar right now (which I’m sure will take another year or two). I’m pretty nuts about different kinds of wood on guitars.

But I think something needs to be pointed out here:

The meaning of “noble” can vary greatly, depending on whether you’re a guitarist or a baby.


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1 Response to Diaperwood

  1. Mark P says:

    I am so glad I read the entire post and not just the title. My first thought was that this either a new LA area housisng development younger than Hollywood, or a new film genre using very, very young Indian dancers. Then after the first sentence, I was sure you were going to tell us they were taking used diapers, mixing them with wood pulp, and making guitars out this newfangled (but pungent) material. But now, after reading ALL the way through, I know “the rest of the story.” And, Charley, I think you should go for this one — you could really wail on a diaperwood guitar!

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