Big Old Flock of Pelicans

Today I was walking on the bluff & saw a big old flock of pelicans.

Not nearly as poetic or beautiful or graceful as a flock of seagulls. But for some reason, lately when I’ve been out there walking, I’ve seen a lot more of the clumsy, noisy, dorky pelicans than the graceful, streamlined, quiet seagulls.

The seagulls are like these beautiful, efficient, silent Mercedes Benz-type birds. The pelicans are like these dull, need-to-go-to-the-carwash, dented, mid-70’s station wagons. The beaks look too large, as though God said, “You know what, I’m out of the smaller, cool, seagull style beaks for now. But I have some of these extra large experimental beaks laying around. Let’s just stick these on there. You’ll have to kind of hold your head back a little when you fly to keep them up. It should be fine.”**

The seagulls are still out there, and I see them almost every day as well, but I’m just saying the majority of birds lately have been the pelicans.

No problem though. The pelicans are still getting where they need to go. They’re still making it work. Not always in the most graceful way, but they’re getting it done.

Sometimes we’re like seagulls. Mostly, we’re like pelicans. It’s all good.

**To the theologian readers – don’t worry. I’m quite sure the pelicans have exactly the beak God planned for them.


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3 Responses to Big Old Flock of Pelicans

  1. Mark P says:

    Great thoughts, Charley! I, too, have been seeing a lot of pelicans lately. I always smile. I think of God creating these huge birds that soar effortlessly through the air, have feathers, and live on land. The pelicans see the other birds flying around, grabbing prey off of the land, under trees. The pelicans are puzzled. “Thanks oh wise creator, but one question…where’s our food?” “Oh,” says God, “it’s in the ocean, underwater.” “But we’re birds…not fish!” And God just smiles and walks (or glides, or floats) away.

  2. jean Castaldo says:

    I rather have the diet of the Pelican then other birds anyday! Fresh Sushi…

  3. Leon says:

    “But I have some of these extra large experimental beaks laying around.”

    There’s a phrase that will stay with me for days.

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