The Suspense is Over – American Idol Has a New Judge

Last season, I avoided most of American Idol, and really don’t feel like I missed much. I dealt with some of my AI apathy in this post. Yes, I was so apathetic about AI that I spent considerable time thinking and writing about it.

Anyway, it seems they’ve come up with the perfect judge (in their minds) to replace Paula Abdul. American Idol’s newest 4th judge will be Ellen Degeneres.

To the best of my knowledge, Ellen doesn’t sing or play an instrument. Nor does she have any experience as a musical performer. Which means – she isn’t qualified in any way to judge a singing competition. She’s funny, at times very funny. But that doesn’t qualify her to speak with any kind of authority as a judge in a singing competition.

In AI’s defense, however, their rationale for bring Ellen on is that she has a lot of experience “entertaining” America. I’ll let the intelligence of that statement speak for itself.

In the meantime, I look forward to once again not watching American Idol this season.


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3 Responses to The Suspense is Over – American Idol Has a New Judge

  1. Leon says:

    I will join you in not watching. I have enjoyed not watching AI ever since it first came on.

  2. mmichele says:

    I think Ellen is pretty much the only person ever to be on the show with any qualification to actually entertain.

  3. joannmski says:

    BTW I had heard the news first on this blog! Charley with the latest.

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