Beatles Rock Band

A big charleysblog shoutout to the makers of Beatles Rock Band (I’m not really sure who makes it – which gives you an idea of how likely I am to buy it). However, this week is a win-win… you’re going to sell about a billion games, and I got to watch a lot of cool music on VH1.

I’ve never gotten around to trying the little Guitar Hero or Rock Band games; I figure those games are for people who don’t REALLY play. But I’m excited about this new Beatles game coming out, simply because VH1 has had all these cool Beatles specials for the last week or two…

The Beatles Anthology, Parts I & II – a documentary telling the story of the band;

Imagine – a documentary of the life of John Lennon;

John Lennon & the Plastic Ono Band In Concert – from 1972, with the added bonus of Yoko Ono on keyboards and reading poetry;

Concert for George – a concert from November of 2002, on the one-year anniversary of George’s death. Another one of those concerts with 8023 musicians on stage, most of them British, usually involving Eric Clapton, and about 14 drummers at the same time. At times bordering on trainwreck status, but always fun to watch.

So thanks again to whoever is making this little video game – you’ve helped me through a couple of stressful weeks.


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