Followup On The Chihuahuas

It’s going to be a white Christmas for dozens of those freaky little monsters. In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the over abundance of chihuahuas here in California. Well, it seems that people around the country are responding and actually ASKING FOR these dogs.

According to Google News, “chihuahuas have been flying out of California since other states learned about the glut of little dogs in the Golden State.” No they haven’t been literally flying out of California, although that would be pretty funny. It seems Katherine Heigl, from TV’s Grey’s Anatomy, and other concerned people have been paying for flights for the dogs (and accompanying volunteers) to other states where there apparently aren’t yet enough chihuahuas. We’re spreading the chihuahua love. Many of them are, it turns out, flying on Virgin Airlines, which is undoubtedly very comfortable for the little dogs, not to mention the accompanying volunteers.

The name of this endeavor is “Project Flying Chihuahua.” I’m not making this up. I would have voted for “Flying Chihuahua Projectiles,” but no one asked me.

**I just need to point something out… these dogs should not be going to cold places like New Hampshire. New Hampshire needs large dogs that can ride in the backs of trucks. You can’t put a chihuahua in the back of a truck and drive around – they’ll just bounce right out. They’re going to regret this decision.

More on this fascinating story as it develops.


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3 Responses to Followup On The Chihuahuas

  1. Leon says:

    I was greatly alarmed to to learn about the California chihuahua glut. I can now sleep peacefully at night, knowing that this devastating dilemma has been adequately addressed.

    (Actually, I don’t care about this at all, I just could not resist the opportunity to write the phrase, “chihuahua glut.”)

  2. gloria says:

    Charley: My sister, Kay and I got “Chorkee’s” in June. Mine looks just like a chihuahua and hers looks just like a yorkie. They are very sweet dogs….we live in cold country, so we bought them sweaters!!Gloria

  3. mmichele says:

    Well there you have it charley. Sweaters will save the chihuahuas in New Hampshire. Perhaps you could start a sweater drive.

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