It’s Friday afternoon, and as of about 3 hours ago, I finished work for the next two weeks. It’s a break I’ve looked forward to every year since I’ve been teaching, but this year it seems I’ve needed it more than ever.

Too much crazy stuff this year – but lots of great stuff, too. Not the least of which is the cat who comes in to hang out whenever she’s in the mood.

In fact, there’s enough good stuff to dwell on, I won’t bother to talk about the crazy stuff. It’s in process, and it’ll be worked out in time.

So for this moment, as I enjoy the ocean breeze, and coffee, and cookies left over from today’s 3rd grade party, I’ll just think about what a crazy, whacky life I have, one I would have never imagined a few years ago. And I’ll enjoy being able to stop for the next few weeks.


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1 Response to Stopping

  1. joannmski says:

    I am so glad that you are concentrating on the good.

    Also, do you like tamales? Maybe you would have fun coming to Rich’s mom’s for tamales on Xmas eve. We have a very good time.

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