I want to make a new rule. Or at least a strong suggestion. It’s time to slow down with the word “amazing,” people. I’m hearing it way too much, to the point where it’s becoming meaningless.

This or that musician was amazing. My girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/dog is amazing. My dog’s girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife is amazing. This burrito is amazing. We had an amazing time last night, especially with that amazing burrito. That amazing burrito caused some amazing after-effects in my stomach.

Instead, I’d rather hear something like this:  “That burrito was amazing. The person I was with, however, wasn’t quite amazing, but still a pretty good person.”

Basically, I’m just asking for clear communication. Clear communication is amazing.


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2 Responses to Amazing

  1. Phil Brown says:

    Hey Charley,
    I think your suggestion is amazing

  2. joannmski says:

    In general I agree. However, there is one Japanese magician who doesn’t speak great English and who says “amazshING!!” and it is hilarious. I think we should replace all “amazing” with “amazshING!!”

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