Why I Can’t Do American Idol Anymore

I decided to watch American Idol tonight. This makes the third year in a row that I’ve watched one or two episodes, and then decided there was no reason to stay with it for the season. It wasn’t exactly horrible (other than horribly boring), but there wasn’t anyone who really stood out for me. I don’t see any compelling reason to watch it again. And while I think Ellen Degeneres is really funny, she’s not a musician, so that just lowers the credibility by that much more.

Of course, it’s always fun to hear Randy say things like, “Dude, that was really strange for me.” I always like that. I may have to slip that phrase into my vocabulary.

Then, later on tonight I watched Elvis Costello interviewing Bono & The Edge on the Sundance Channel. If/when this thing airs again, if you happen to get the Sundance Channel, you should watch it.

After an hour of listening to three unique, talented, gifted artists talk together and sing an occasional song, missing another season of American Idol once again seems like no great loss.


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