Thank God for the Ability to Roll the Eyes

There’s a person at one of my schools who doesn’t like me very much. I get the stink-eye from her/him when I’m polite, when I’m funny, whatever I do. I’m not sure why, and I used to worry about it, but I eventually came to the realization that I didn’t do anything to this person, so I just let it go.

Today, when it happened again, I was near my classroom and the room was empty at that moment, so I went into the room and felt myself involuntarily rolling my eyes. And I thought, what a great thing to be able to roll the eyes. Because sometimes it’s better to not say to someone, “Hey, I’ve never done anything to you, so quit giving me the stink eye.” It just does no good, because all you’ll get back is, “What? I’m not doing anything – it’s all in your mind.” And this goes back and forth and it just gets crazy.

So usually, I’ve become fairly immune to said person’s stink-eye, but today I guess the stink-eye came at the wrong moment, and so I was able to duck into my room and do the eye roll. And it was a major eye roll; I literally felt my eye sockets moving my brain around and back again. I guess that was the main thing – everything on my face is back where it was before.

So I think God gave us the ability to roll our eyes when people are being difficult, goofy, unreasonable, stupid or anything else that’s unpleasant. The trick to the eye-roll, however, is knowing when to roll them in front of the other person, and when to, as I did today, duck into a room and let ’em roll. I have found, however, that if you wait too long to let them roll, it’s kind of like holding a sneeze. You can’t delay the roll too long or you’ll cause damage to the upper part of your face and head region, and so you need to find a way to quickly excuse yourself from the unpleasant situation and then let the eyes do their thing.

**I don’t think the person I’m thinking of reads this blog. But if he/she does, here’s a little message for you…


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1 Response to Thank God for the Ability to Roll the Eyes

  1. Allison says:

    Ah-Ha-Ha! I love this! Huge fan of the eyeroll here….and of determining when to show it and when to do it in private! And even when to repeat it when it was done behind my husband’s back and then he turns to see if I am doing it….a little reply to show him that he was right in thinking it was going on 🙂 And love the eye rolling happy face! Our oldest- 4 year old daughter Abby- is getting this down already. It is darling now…and will be annoying when she is a teenager!

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