Stuff I Won’t Say

The following is a list of words or expressions that I refuse to say. This is meant as information only, and in no way implies that I will think less of you if you use these words or expressions. Well, I might – but I’ll try to hide it.

“All’s” (it’s just supposed to be “all”);

“I was all… and then she was all… and we were all…” (because I’m old, and I’m educated);

“I’m all like…” (see above);

“Supposebly” – (it’s supposedly. With a d.);

“Anyways” – (it’s just anyway, kind of like the “alls” thing);

“D’oh” (I think I’ve only watched The Simpsons once or twice in the past 40 years it’s been on, so I haven’t earned the right to use this expression);

“Duh!!” (because I’m not an idiot);

Most Profanity (because it never sounds convincing coming out of my mouth);

“Win-win for everyone” – (it’s just “win-win.” Just saying “win-win” already implies everyone involved, so there’s no need to say “win-win for everyone”);

“Irregardless” – (it’s just “regardless.”)

“I did a complete 360” – (if you mean you reversed your position and are now doing the opposite of what you did before, it’s a complete 180, not 360. A 360 refers to the 360 degrees of a circle, so if you do a “360,” it means you went completely around the circle and are not exactly where you started. A “180,” on the other hand, is half a circle, which points you in the opposite direction).

“I was thinking in my mind” – (where else are you going to think?)’

“In our lives” – (this is kind of an obscure one, but if you go to church, you’ll hear pastors say this a lot, for example, “this is a something we all deal with in our lives.” Where else are we going to deal with it?)


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4 Responses to Stuff I Won’t Say

  1. Craig Shields says:

    Well said! But you forgot gems like “A.T.M. machine,” “P.I.N. number,” “for your F.Y.I.,” and “I could care less.”

  2. T. Coleen says:

    VIN number. VIN stands for ‘vehicle identification number’ no need to say ‘number’ again.

  3. Tom Cosenza says:

    Thanks you, Charlie. I really enjoyed it and you too Craig.

  4. joannmski says:

    “Shut up!”

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