Tito & Marlon


Today I gave a little quiz to some of my classes. The quiz was not serious, and was just meant for fun as we headed into spring break. It covered some of the musical artists we’ve talked about this year.

One of the questions was –

Which two Beatles are still alive?

a.  John & Ringo

b.  George & Paul

c.  Paul & Ringo

d.  Tito & Marlon

The right answer is of course “c.” The “d” answer is one of those whacky things we teachers like to do to get a cheap laugh, putting a completely absurd answer as one of the choices in a multiple choice quiz. “Ha ha ha, Tito & Marlon! Those guys weren’t in the Beatles, they were 2/5 of the Jackson Five! Geez!”

Well as it turned out in one of my groups today, a little girl, a Black girl, and a fan of Michael Jackson, but not so much conversant about the Jackson Five, guessed “Tito & Marlon.” She wasn’t kidding.

So there’s no longer any doubt – the 60’s & 70’s are officially over.


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1 Response to Tito & Marlon

  1. joannmski says:

    What was this, ancient history class?? 🙂

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