You Become Like the People You Hang Around

For today’s blog, I’m stealing, uh, I mean linking to Donald Miller’s blog. Donald Miller is an interesting writer, having written actual books and not just a blog. He’s no relation to me. There are other people out there named “Miller,” and we’re not all necessarily related.

Anyway, I’ve become in the past several years a person who is pretty careful about who gets into my life, and who has influence over me. So when I read Don’s blog today, it was like he had been reading my mind, and stole it from me. (The ideas, not my mind). But rather than suing him, I’ll just link to his blog. Hope you like it.

You Become Like the People You Hang Around


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1 Response to You Become Like the People You Hang Around

  1. Ralph Prieto says:

    Good blog. Lots of food for thought. I’ve sort of said the same thing over the years (product of your enviornment, blah, blah), but I’ve always expected people to overcome their influences and rise to the top.

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