Ask Me Stuff #1

Today’s “Ask Me Stuff” question comes from a reader we’ll anonymously refer to as “Nancy.” “Nancy” writes…

Why is it that so many young people seem to suffer the most significant amount of small strokes or early 0n set Alzhiemers?? It is the only explanation for all of the “I don’t remebers” and “I don’t knows” ???

“Nancy’s” question, while dripping with sarcasm, is an interesting one. Obviously the small stroke or Alzheimer theory isn’t correct; that would be too much of a medical anomaly.

However, while I know what the answer is NOT, I don’t know what the answer is. Which is kind of ironic, since I live in constant denial of my age (it’s somewhere between 49 and 51), and I tend to hang with people much younger than myself. Given that, I guess my answer would be…

“I don’t remember,”


“I don’t know.”


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