Ask Me Stuff #3

Here we go. It’s time to play “Ask Me Stuff” and here’s our question from a reader named “Anonymous” … Ok Charley this is a tough one.. Do you watch Oprah & what do you think of her???

It’s not really that tough. I don’t watch Oprah, and as for what I think of her – well, I really don’t. She doesn’t really cross my mind very often. I’ve never really understood the Oprah appeal.

As far as I know, she’s not an expert at anything, she’s not really a journalist, and she’s not an entertainer. Yet, she has a TV show and for some reason her opinion matters to a lot of people. Oh, and she likes to yell a lot – (“BARRAAAAK  O-BAAAMMMAAAAA!!!!!).

But now that you’ve got me thinking about her, maybe if she can get millions to watch her little TV show, I can get a few hundred to read my little blog. Now I’m feeling a new sense of hope. Hey, maybe that’s what Oprah does for people. She gives hope (and lots of cool gifts, from what I hear). You could say I’m feeling “hope-rah.”


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1 Response to Ask Me Stuff #3

  1. Allison says:

    Nice- “hope-rah”. That is funny! I don’t get the appeal either, but I catch myself watching her show about once a week! Why? I don’t know! Am I sad that she announced the end of her show? Not really…..AND there is a lot of time to grieve that announcement anyway.
    Good question!

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