No Voting Allowed

There are many places in the world where the right to vote doesn’t exist. That’s sad. But some of those places are right here, in this country. And the places I’m thinking of aren’t sad at all. They’re my classrooms. People are usually pretty happy when they’re in those rooms.

I’m pretty sure none of my students ever read this blog. But if they did, here’s what I’d want to say to them – We don’t vote in my class. Only one person votes, and that’s me. Oh sure, you can go ahead and vote all you want to by raising your hands or whatever, but no one is actually counting your votes.

My classroom, in many ways, isn’t really America, but kind of a little mini kingdom within America.  There’s very little, if any, beaurocracy. Decisions are made very efficiently. And I don’t need any of this voting nonsense cluttering up my little world.

But these pesky kids don’t understand (I got that “pesky kids” line from watching a lot of Scooby Do years ago). They think they can vote on what song we’re going to sing, what musical artist/composer we’re going to study, and all kinds of other things. So let me just straighten this out…

You don’t get to vote on the songs. I may decide to be a benevolent dictator and do songs you like, but that’s still my choice, not yours;

You don’t get to vote on the significant musical artists we study. Give Michael Jackson a rest, already. It took them forever to bury the guy, so I’d suggest you do the same;

You don’t get to vote on where to sit. If you’re sitting next to someone who’s going to cause you to talk too much, or even if there’s just something about the view of you from a certain angle that bugs me, I’m going to have to move you;

Anyway, you get the idea. So stop asking me to vote on things in class. For you younger ones, this is simple – just don’t get into the habit.

For you older ones, you seem to have developed this crummy attitude based on the false assumption that you actually have a vote. Which, as I’ve made clear in this blog, you don’t. So I know you’ve held onto that belief for a long time, for some reason. And this is how it is when we believe things that aren’t true – we are headed for ultimate disappointment. Maybe other teachers let you vote. But you’re going to just have to let that idea go when you’re with me.

Thank you, and God bless America. And God bless my classrooms.


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