To Do List for the Next Two Weeks

Here are some things that I really need to get accomplished in the next two weeks. Some of the things on the list probably won’t get done. As a service to my rapidly growing group of readers, some of whom may not understand the crazy way my mind sometimes works, I have underlined the items that are not likely to happen.

1.  Go to McCabe’s Guitars in Santa Monica and purchase the guitar of my dreams.

2.  Get together with the band for the musical “All Shook Up” and learn that puppy.

3.  Finalize music teaching schedule for the summer.

4. Attend numerous cast rehearsals for the musical “All Shook Up.”

5. Spend untold hours in the orchestra pit of the Armstrong Theater for many nights in a row working on the musical “All Shook Up.”

6. Move my bed, clothing and other personal items into the orchestra pit of the Armstrong Theater to make things easier.

7.  Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse those little people at school for their Spring Musical which is next Friday night.

8.  Find some way to cause pain for the cast members of the musical “All Shook Up” who never shut up during rehearsals.

9.  Somehow convince the 8th graders at the other school to do a good job on their graduation song.

10.  Spend lots of time with the Lovely Miss Courtney.

11.  Move to Maui.

12.  Eat healthy food.

13.  Try to find a way to sneak a song from the musical “Annie” into one of the performances of the musical “All Shook Up,” which will be playing June 11-13 at the Armstrong Theater in Torrance, CA, tickets on sale now.


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1 Response to To Do List for the Next Two Weeks

  1. Lisa Sanchez Ybarra says:

    Crazy as it sounds, I get it!! Hope there is more time with the Lovely Miss Courtney than anything!!
    Those daughters!!! Gotta love ’em!!!

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