New Facebook Games

I don’t normally get involved with the “ville” games on Facebook – Farmville, Thisville, Thatville. And when I say I “don’t normally get involved,” that means I don’t ever play them under any circumstances.

But there are some game possibilities which, if they were ever developed, might interest me.

Moldville – the players collect various mold and bacteria growing on leftovers in a virtual Facebook refrigerator;

Billville – players convince their online friends to actually pay each other’s actual bills;

That’s all I’ve got. Both of the proposed games are inspired by current life experiences.


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2 Responses to New Facebook Games

  1. jobgrrl says:

    Dude. Have you not seeing Priestville? I’m terrified to play …

  2. jobgrrl says:

    That’s Liz, actually… Under my professional jobgrrl alterego.

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