Knocking Heads Together

School has started at one of my schools, and the first two days of school were a success. In one class, however, there are a couple of guys whose heads I may have to knock together. We’ll see how it works out.

**Note to Certain Readers…. “Knock heads together” is a figure of speech, meaning I may have to find more effective forceful ways to gain their cooperation. The respective heads of the two boys in question will not at any time actually strike each other.

However, I may need to literally knock the heads together of those who have no sense of humor when I write things like this about school kids.


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2 Responses to Knocking Heads Together

  1. Gloria says:

    Ok> we getcha. We have freedom of speech in this country….we won’t hold it against ya.

  2. Julia says:

    Figure of speech….ohhhh….. wait…. we’re not actually supposed to do that??

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