30 Minutes

Before I write this, I just need to say the guy who spoke this morning at Mosaic did a really great job, an excellent kickoff into the month of December. No complaints whatsoever, and I really liked it.


At one point, about 10 minutes into the sermon he said something like, “I’m just going to ask you to consider, for 30 minutes this morning…” and then he went on to whatever it was he needed us to consider. And then I thought, “OK, does the 30 minutes start right now? Or does he mean he’s going to speak for a total of 30 minutes, and we’re somewhere in the middle of it? Because he’s been at this for about 10 minutes, so if at this moment we need to consider something for about 30 minutes, then that would be a total of about 40 minutes.”

And then while I was mulling that over, he did it again: “So I’m going to ask you to consider for about 30 minutes this morning etc…” And I thought, “Wait a minute – are we starting the 30 minutes over again, or is this part of the same 30 minutes as the last thing we’re supposed to consider???”

And I have to admit, in a moment of something less than holiness, I thought, how long are we going to be here? (But he did a really good job).

Hey, no one can ever accuse me of not over-thinking stuff.

**But no matter how long it was, he did a nice job.


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1 Response to 30 Minutes

  1. Mike G says:

    why are you STILL considering this Charley? – he told you only to commit 30 minutes to thoughts about his sermon. NO continued reflections on this one!

    At least you weren’t considering your next meal…

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