Small Parking Lots

One of the places where I work has a parking lot that’s way too small. If the whole faculty and staff parks there, there’s not enough room for anyone else, which causes a problem when there’s a big event. And we have a lot of big events, therefore, the parking thing is really annoying.

So today when I was inconvenienced by the parking thing and had to postpone a class for 10 minutes and move my car, I got really annoyed. Oh sure, it’s not like I’m unemployed; at least I actually have a job, albeit with a small parking lot. But man, that small parking lot is so annoying.

Not as annoying as it would be if I lived in Haiti and had to live in a filthy leaking tent in crazy weather and eat garbage. Certainly not that bad – but man, I just really hate having a small parking lot. That is just so irritating. I realize it’s not as irritating as it was a week ago for a good friend when she was diagnosed with cancer – but I just really hate it when parking is a hassle.

I guess it’s not as big of a hassle as it would be if I had  to commute a long way through traffic to a job I hated, and possibly have to pay to park someplace. I remember years ago having to do that. But I have an easy 10-15 minute drive, into a really nice area to a job I really like. Plus I pass three Starbucks along the way – oh yeah, people at this job tend to give me a lot of Starbucks cards. If they could just get their parking act together…

You know what? Sometimes parking lots are small, and that sucks a lot. But sometimes I’m small too, and I think that sucks even more.


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  1. Leon says:

    Most days, my “commute” to work consists of walking down the hall in my house, and either turning right to go into the studio, or left to go into the office. If I ever complain about this, Sheryl is under strict orders to give me a good swift kick.

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