Why Uganda?

There are a lot of worthwhile causes to invest time or money into, or both. Lots of problems to address, even here in L.A.  So why am I going through the hassle and shots and expense of spending two weeks in Uganda this summer? Can’t I try to change the world from here?

1.  There are lots of ways to change the world without ever leaving home, especially when home is a place like Southern California. But sometimes a radical change of routine is needed – where the purpose of the adventure we are undertaking is not only to change the world, but also to change us. L.A. probably wouldn’t change me; Uganda probably will.

2.  The work of Loving One By One in Uganda has already proven what a few ordinary people can do to literally change the course of a generation in a local area. Just through prayer and faith, and sheer determination (or “stubbornness,” or “balls”), children who should have died are living normal healthy lives. Children who had no hope of ever accomplishing anything are going to school. Babies found abandoned by the road are living in a home where they are cared for and held.

3.  The work of LOBO in Uganda is something almost anyone of average health, with minimal skill level, can get involved in. Obviously I’m not a doctor and can’t really build or fix that many things, and they have very little need for musicians. But they say they’ll find things for me to do anyway. (**Note – if I spend any time over there working with tools, someone may want to go back and look over my work after I leave and make sure no walls are going to fall on anyone).

4.  Finally, back to the first sentence of this post – there are a lot of worthwhile causes to get involved with – there are lots of problems to solve, there are lots of ways the world needs saving. But instead of being overwhelmed by that, I say just pick one and go.

That’s what I’m doing. If you’d like to help, contact me at c.millers.mail@gmail.com


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I offer piano tuning, repair and maintenance in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
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