The Past Few Days Have Been Exciting

The past few days here in Southern California were pretty exciting. We managed to make critical decisions about which movies were the best ones of 2010, and we listened to an overpaid, narcissistic TV actor whine about how badly his network has been treating him. Fun times.

Meanwhile in Uganda, Loving One By One  has been busy, too:

1.  After a long, long time of searching, and several dead ends, nine acres of land (in a perfect location) were purchased. This land will be the eventual headquarters of LOBO’s work in Uganda, including New Creation School and New Creation Family Home.

2.  While waiting for funds to be wired for the land purchase, and waiting to exchange the money into local currency, the exchange rate went up. The U.S. currency was worth more, which enabled LOBO to purchase 87 pairs of shoes for the children at New Creation Center.

3.  The more favorable exchange rate also allowed LOBO to purchase 251 pounds of beans and rice, enough to take care of a family of 6 for three months.

4.  The family of 6 included a little boy named Corcus with spinal tuberculosis. Last week, LOBO was able to get Corcus the emergency medical help he desperately needed, and today they were able to provide enough food for his family for the next several months, along with additional medicine for him.

Sounds like an exciting couple of days for Loving One By One. Maybe even more exciting than it’s been here in L.A. Certainly more significant, in my opinion.

A few things…

If you are looking for an organization to get involved with, one that is truly making a HUGE difference in very simple ways – then Loving One By One is an organization you may want to support. You can check out their website in my link above.

I’m looking forward to spending two weeks in Uganda this July, helping LOBO in any way I can. Thanks to all who have offered  their financial support for this project. More help is needed, so if you would like to be involved, contact me at c.millers.mail@gmail and I’ll tell you how.

But, even if you decide not to support my trip to Uganda – I really encourage you to look into the work of Loving One By One and see if this is an organization you’d like to connect with. Maybe for your own charitable giving… maybe as a group project for your church or other organization…. maybe as a family. Or, maybe you’d like to consider going on one of their trips yourself.

There are a lot of ways to serve people and change the world. Just pick one and go!


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1 Response to The Past Few Days Have Been Exciting

  1. Erin Farrell says:

    Awesome, Charley. Just awesome. I’m so excited for you – and this seems like an incredible organization. We’re really working on our finances right now – getting out of debt so we can save and donate. When we’re ready, this is an organization that I think we could really get involved in!

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