The Yes Classroom

This morning, I went to school after having had very little sleep the night before. That happens occasionally to me, and I always have to be extra alert that my zombie-like condition won’t display it’s ugly head in the form of my being short-tempered with the kids.

The morning went well, and since I don’t have any afternoon classes, the day actually went well. But I was in that tired zone this morning where I was saying things, and didn’t always know if what I was saying was actually making sense or not.

At one point, after several people in a class all argued with me about what I had planned for the day, in the form of “No, I don’t want to do that,” I said, “OK, from now on this is a “yes” class. We only use the word “yes” in here. So knock it off with the word “no” in my “yes” class.”

It was pure nonsense of course, brought about by sleep deprivation. I got a few rolled eyes, and a few laughs. Then a girl raised her hand and asked if she could go to the bathroom.

My answer?  “NO!”

(the confused look on her face was worth the bad night’s sleep).

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