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OK readers, here’s a little update on the Uganda Project. If you’re new to this  blog, or if you’ve missed my Uganda posts – I’m planning to spend two weeks there this July, working with an organization called Loving One By One (LOBO).

LOBO runs an orphanage and a school, and also takes teams into slum areas of Kampala and offers medical care and food. So while I’m there, I’ll be involved with any or all of those projects.

I’m excited because a lot of people have responded and indicated their interest in helping to fund this trip. That’s great news, and a number of people have also already contributed, which is even better news.

Just FYI – if you’re going to donate, it would help a lot if that could happen by the end of April. There’s a hefty airfare to pay for around that time, and the bulk of the support is going for that.

Now, if you’re planning to contribute but know you can’t do anything until after that time, it’s cool. There will still be a need for more past the end of April. But – if you’re going to contribute and it doesn’t matter to you whether it’s sooner or later – I’m just saying sooner is better. Again, I’m just saying. (It’s a well-known fact that following a difficult statement, such as asking people  to donate money, with the words “I’m just saying,” makes it better).

So thanks again to friends, family and even former theater kids (who I know are extremely broke. Oh my gosh). What you are doing means a lot, and you are helping to bring hope and new life to a special group of people and you are literally increasing the survival rate of their next generation.

For more information about LOBO, or if you want to know how to get involved or make a contribution, contact me at



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