Today @ the Office

Today at the office, my responsibilities were earth-shaking and life-changing. Or maybe the other way around; maybe they were earth-changing and life-shaking. I’m not sure, but it seemed like a fun day. Today I:

Played boomwhackers with 1st graders;

Played the squeaky, screechy recorders with 2nd graders (some of the screeching was from me);

Started teaching 11 6th graders to play the guitar;

Decided that a roomful of guitars sounds better when they’re all in tune together;

Decided that a roomful of guitars sounds better when the people holding them already know how to play;

While pretending to focus on 6th graders and guitars, was actually listening through the wall to 5th graders working on a big, snazzy, song and dance thing to perform in a few weeks;

Set up big, loud speakers  outdoors, and told kids “no” when they wanted me to play “Friday” while they ate;

Played various Earth, Wind & Fire songs while they ate, because I’m a trained professional and I know what these darn kids should be listening to while they eat;

Played football-related music and dance music (including “Friday”) while the kids did football-related games after lunch;

Somehow, after all that, got the music room back to looking like nothing had occurred in it or from it all day.

For a day at the office, it wasn’t that bad.


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2 Responses to Today @ the Office

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to a good teacher!!!

  2. Sounds like a good day. That Friday tune is pretty catchy, if you are not listening to the original singer do it.

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