Middle School Real World, Part II

Yesterday’s post, The Middle School Real World, needs a little clarification. Or maybe elaboration. And maybe I need a vacation.

First, when I used the term “today’s middle schoolers” a few times in yesterday’s post, I wasn’t using it in the “middle schoolers nowadays, these darn kids today” sense. I meant it literally. I was referring to the some of the actual middle-schoolers that I spent time with on Tuesday, October 18, 2011. An actual, literal group of middle-schoolers from that actual day.

Second, when I said they needed to go to Uganda, possibly forever, that wasn’t necessarily a literal wish. What I meant was … 1) spending a little time with people who are struggling to survive, and who would never dream of griping to their music teacher about minor issues, would probably do these middle schoolers some good (it would definitely do their music teacher some good) and….

2) I didn’t necessarily mean they needed to actually go to Uganda forever. There are a lot of other places in the world where they can go forever, as long as they’re out of my way. I’m flexible on the location.

OK, hope that adds a little clarity. Have a nice day.


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