Top Ten Reasons You Should Go To Uganda

Here it is, another shameless Uganda post. Really, now that I think about it, I don’t have that many things to write about on this blog. School is mostly fine (some kids are annoying, most aren’t), The Lovely Miss Courtney’s fine, it’s all good. OK, back to the shameless Uganda plug.

Loving One By One is taking a group to Uganda next January (like, really soon, in less than three months), and another group in June of 2012. Some of you followed my Uganda adventure on this blog, and said to yourself, “I might like to do that someday.” Others followed my adventure and thought, “That’s cool, but I could never do that.” Others followed my adventure and thought, “Wait this is a mistake; I was trying to Google Donald Miller’s blog, not Charley Miller’s blog.” Others followed my adventure and didn’t think at all, because reading  my blog sometimes has that effect on people. That about covers it all the reading possibilities.

Anyway, LOBO is planning these trips in January and June, and some of you, seriously, should make plans to go. Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go to Uganda:

10.  You will meet some of the nicest people in the world. So if you like nice people, there you go. A bunch of them will be right there with you, on the bus, in the dirt, wherever you go;

9.   You will get up every day and change the lives of hundreds of people. I’m guessing you might not get to do that in your normal life. It’s possible you do – But I’m just guessing you don’t;

8.  You’ll get to hold a lot of these little smiling people…                            

7.  You will be stretched and challenged in ways you never thought possible;

6.  You will be driven around on a bus by Henry the Crazy Driver, who has never met a pothole he didn’t like;

5.  You could become an optometrist. Or a pharmacist. No experience necessary;

4.  You can try to teach the Ugandans to make better coffee. Hey, I said you’d be challenged;

3.  You can do cool stuff with latex gloves…                                                 

2.  This is the kind of thing Jesus would do (including the fun glove stuff). He’ll actually be there with you, in fact;

1.  The people who live in this neighborhood could really use your help…  

I’m planning to go back there myself in the summer of 2013. But you should go next January or June; don’t wait for me. Really, you’ll have a much better time if you go when I’m not there. I’m just being honest here.

No special skills are required, although if you’re a doctor, nurse or other medical person, that’s a plus. But besides those kinds of people, our team also had teachers, students, a construction worker, a retired furniture store owner, and even a sarcastic musician or two. We had male and female, young and old, and PC and Mac people. Everyone found something significant to do.

Well? What are you waiting for? Click on the Loving One By One link on the right side of this page, and get this thing started!


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