My Political Insight, Part I

The writing team here at charleysblog has gotten together recently and after a lengthy discussion of what to write about next, we have settled upon a series of political blogs. With a writing team consisting of one person, these kinds of decisions can be made fairly quickly. So, here is the first installment in a multipart series entitled “My Political Insight.” I have no idea how many parts there will be – I’ll probably go until I run out of political insight. And maybe even a little after that, much like the candidates themselves.

As I’m writing this on December 10, 2011, the Republicans are holding yet another debate. This is just one more debate in the approximately 763 debates they apparently have scheduled. I’m not sure of the details of this particular debate, but that’s OK, since I don’t think too many other people are either, or if anyone is actually still watching all these debates. Which brings me to a little bit of advice I’d like to give the Republican candidates, strategists, and other associated people.This is advice that applies to not only wanna-be political leaders, but also teachers, pastors, songwriters, bloggers, and anyone who wants to communicate well…

Words mean more if there are fewer of them.

Of course, I realize you may have already crossed the line into the “we’ve rattled on so much about nothing that no one is listening anymore” category. So this advice may be a little too late for you. However, it doesn’t hurt to give it a little thought anyway, and maybe think about pulling the plug on some of the debates.



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