Random Stuff to Be Thankful For

In no particular order (that’s part of the meaning of “random”)…     

The iPhone Shazam app  


Loving One By One Ministries (by the way, click on the link to the right, go to the “donate” section, and make a donation  toward the construction of their new children’s home. All donations made before Dec. 31 will be matched. This needs to be done right away. Just saying).

Power strips


Martin Custom Light Guitar Strings


The Lovely Miss Courtney

Paint (hey, try getting by without it, people. Talk about a boring world)

Tide (the laundry detergent)

Tide (the thing the ocean does every day)

Hot Dogs at Costco

Mosaic South Bay

Staples (the store – but not Office Depot. Specifically, emphatically not Office Depot)

People who pay other people (like me) to teach music

Black Converse low-top tennis shoes, with a few years on them

And the list goes on. Be thankful!


About Miller Piano Services

I offer piano tuning, repair and maintenance in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
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