Weekly Checklist

It’s Sunday night, and in mere hours I have to get up and be intelligent, interesting and fun for K-8th music classes all week. Let me just go over the list of what I’ll need for the week:

My iPod Classic, and the means through my keyboard amp to play the iPod Classic very loud.Oh sure, when it comes to planning lessons, content certainly counts for something, but really, volume is almost everything.

Boomwhackers. ‘Nuff said.

Recorders. Not the tape kind; the kind you blow into to produce shrieking sounds similar to Janet Leigh being murdered in Psycho.

A good list of songs. This week’s offerings include such hauntingly lovely melodies as “There’s a Smell In My Bedroom,” “Get Up Get Up Get Up,” and “There’s a Ladybug in My Soda.”

Drums, shakers and triangles. To go with the Boomwhackers. ‘Nuff said again.

Video clips from PBS. They’re educational enough to be important, and short enough to be able to take the students right to the brink of suicide, and then bring them back.

Kazoos, just in this week from the fine people at Kazoos.com.

A powerpoint presentation on musicians of the 80’s. It’s part of a 4th grade project covering musicians of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Don’t you wish you were in my 4th grade class?

Lots of miscellaneous loud and crazy percussion instruments, not included in the “drums shakers and triangles” mentioned above. These are different loud crazy percussion instruments, to be used only in case of an emergency.

A real train whistle, which I just bought at McCabe’s Music in Santa Monica. I’m not sure how it’ll be used yet, but I can’t imagine going to school without this whistle in my bag.

OK, looks like I have everything. This week’s butt is about to get kicked to the curb.





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