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Great stuff to tell you.  A girl we met in Uganda last July, Juliette, is finally enrolled in a school, which not only provides education but also care for her special physical needs.

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog (and if not, why not???), you may already be familiar with Juliette’s story. She’s about 13 or so, and I had the opportunity to meet her in Uganda last July. Because she is unable to walk and has a few more physical difficulties, her family couldn’t afford to take care of her. So Juliette has spent the past 3 years or so living in a convalescent home, with elderly people. While it’s good that she had a place to stay and had good, loving friends among the elderly people, what she really needed was to go to school with people her own age. Unfortunately, that option wasn’t affordable for Juliette.

Recently however, through the work of Loving One by One and some generous donors, Juliette has received medical evaluations, and the possibility of walking at some point, PLUS, the opportunity to live in a special school and finally receive an education.

This 14-year-old girl has never been to school in her life.

The photos below, taken in the past few days, speak volumes. The first photo (left) is Juliette waiving from the porch area of her new school (her first school ever!!), and the second photo is Juliette on her bed in her dorm.

Great job once again, Loving One by One!!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great news! We will be heading over to Uganda in a couple of weeks! Can’t wait.

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