End of School Observations

Random observations on my last day of school, today…

1.  This was the L..o…n…g…e…s…t last day of school ever. I’ve never experienced time moving so slowly. I actually saw a glacier begin to form and move during the time I was at school today, kind of a rarity for Southern California.

2.  It was, for me, kind of a boring last day of school (and being long didn’t help). Teachers, next year I need you to step it up with the classroom parties so I can wander around and eat your food. This year, I had one lame Angry Birds cupcake.

3.  As always, I appreciate the Starbucks-Card-Givers. Thanks to several thoughtful kids/parents, with a little careful planning I may not have to actually pay for coffee all summer.

4.  I don’t recall, when I was a kid, any kids crying at the end of the school year. I don’t recall any kids being driven to tears at the thought of leaving their current teacher for a new one. At our school, however, there was a good representation of emotion. “Good representation of emotion” means “lots of kids cried.” This means one of two things…A) Our kids feel woefully unprepared at the end of a school year to face a new year, and are crying in terror; or B) Our kids like their teachers a lot and don’t want to leave them

It’s B.

5.  This year, with the proximity of the 6th grade room to my music room, and the fact that I went with 6th grade to Yellowstone Park last fall, I feel as though I’ve become kind of an honorary 6th grader. The honorary kind who doesn’t actually have to do the work, of course.

6.  This year we played a lot more instruments in class, including loud bells and percussion instruments.

7.  This year, I seem to have lost some hearing (possibly related to #6).



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